We are back!

For those who don’t know, we now meet at the Memphis Friends Meeting (Quaker) House every Monday, 5:45-7:15. Come join us sometime.

Our new schedule has gotten off to a fantastic start thanks to attendance at the Zen 101 orientation held on Saturday. We had 14 attendees, a few old friends from our previous location(s) and some new friends. Everybody was introduced (or re-introduced) to zazen as well as the basics of Buddha’s teachings, a little on the history of Soto Zen, and the lowdown on how our group fits into its larger organization, the Silent Thunder Order / Mokurai.

Last night (July 21) marked the first weekly meeting at our new location, and again, attendance was robust and included a couple of new people who had not been there on Saturday. New people are contacting us all the time with inquiries, so I would imagine we will have several other new visitors soon. In other words, the MZC reboot is officially underway.

For folks who want to visit but have a few questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if that doesn’t do the trick, be sure to drop us a line. Or just get in touch anyway. Zen practice is once again available in Memphis, and we are grateful to our hosts at MFM for helping us make this happen. We are back, folks!



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